Why Should You Avoid Low Ball Offers In Duct Cleaning?

Every service that we use for our need and convenience has a specific price, which is reasonable. The point is that neither you should end up paying exorbitantly for it and nor you should pay too less. It happens quite often that you get tempted by a low –ball offer and you forget the fact that provider is able to give you a service for a too low price because he has cut down certain essential part of it. Low ball offers are rampant in the arena of duct cleaning. It is not unusual to come across a mailer or an ad in the media saying only $99 for duct cleaning. This is just a gimmick by some obscure firm to get to your doorstep. Once they set their foot in your house, they will successfully persuade you into allowing them to clean your duct. A very common tactic used by such cleaner is to call every black patch in your duct and vent as active growth of molds. Beware of them. You should always get it confirmed microbiological laboratory or a mold tester.

Although the offer says only $99, those who fall prey to these schemes often pay more $600, even into the thousands. The cleaner would pick up thousand problems in your duct, some of which are plain hoax and pile up the bill. Some of them stick to the offer but provide a very substandard service. They will be gone in half an hour. They will touch upon a few vents and say they are finished with it. Remember a spec of dirt or debris left anywhere in the duct will cause build-up of gunk pretty soon. Your $99 will just go in sheer in waste. Cleaning the duct of a medium sized house takes three to four hours. They will use inadequate tools and equipment — like handheld vacuums and drills — to do the work.

A standard process of duct cleaning includes dislodging the dirt and exhausting them in a storage device outside the house. Inferior equipment will end up releasing the dust in the house, thus increasing the level of pollution than decreasing it. The duct cleaning industry does not have any standard rules or licensing regulation for cleaners. You should check their reputation, experience and know how before hiring a firm.





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