Spokane AC Tip: Troubleshooting Cooling Problems – Is it Your Thermostat?

While we often overlook our thermostats, they are an essential part of any Spokane air conditioning system. If the thermostat in your home is having problems, it can cause your home to be too warm or even shut off your AC system completely. Here are some common problems that you can run into with your thermostat:

  • Thermostat Placement: If your home is frequently too hot or too cold, it can be a result of a badly placed thermostat. Your thermostat should be located far from drafts, direct sunlight, and any heat producing appliances (such as an oven or a TV). If it controls the cooling of a large space, it should be located toward the center and away from any doors. Proper placement will prevent your thermostat from sensing the wrong temperature.
  • Thermostat Mode: Most thermostats have separate modes for heating and for cooling. If your AC isn’t working at all, double check to make sure your thermostat is set to Cooling mode. If this part of your thermostat is malfunctioning, it can cause your AC to stop cooling completely, and you will need to call a Spokane AC professional to take a look.
  • Thermostat Calibration: Your thermostat needs to be calibrated on a regular basis to accurately detect the temperature in your home. If the calibration is off, your AC won’t be able to keep your home the desired temperature.
  • Wrong Type of Thermostat: There are many different types of thermostats, and some work better with different types of HVAC equipment. For instance, most heat pumps work better with a thermostat that has multi-stage functions. A professional can help you pick the right thermostat to work with your system.
  • Programmable Thermostat Problems: Programmable thermostats can be a great way to save energy, but they can also cause their own unique problems.  If they lose power and reset the time for any reason, your programmed changes in temperature will not happen during the right times of day. If it seems like your AC is cooling erratically, check to make sure your programmable thermostat has the correct time.

These are just a few common thermostat issues. If you are having any problems with your Spokane air conditioning system or your thermostat, give ACI Northwest a call!

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