Coeur d’Alene Air Conditioning Repair Question: What Are Limit Switches and How Do They Work?

We use our thermostats and air conditioning systems all the time without wondering how they actually work.  But the time will come when you need a repair and might want to know about limit switches and how they work.  ACI Northwest has well-trained AC technicians that handle all sorts of air conditioner repairs in Coeur d’Alene, even with something as simple as a limit switch replacement.

Limit switches are found in a wide range of devices throughout industrial and home applications.  Limit switches are designed with two main functions: to activate or deactivate an electrical circuit.  They begin and stop specific electric currents, allowing certain functions to occur only under very specific circumstances, so that electronic appliances or device remain safe and are only in use when needed.  Limit switches are like the light that turns on only when you open the fridge door and then shuts off again when the door shuts.

In air conditioning systems, the limit switch is the link between the blower of the air handler and thermostat.  When the thermostat reaches the desired indoor temperature it stops, the AC from using energy to create more cold air, while also flipping a limit switch that shuts off the air handler as well.

It is amazing how one of the smallest pieces of an air conditioning system could have such a big impact on maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures, as well as how efficiently our AC system operates.

ACI Northwest provides quality air conditioning services in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Spokane, Washington.  Our certified technicians have years of field experience working with every aspect of air conditioning systems, including limit switches.  If your AC shuts off before your home reaches the desired temperature, or if it cycles on and off too often, call the professionals at ACI Northwest to schedule a routine air conditioner inspection. We can determine whether it is an easy limit switch repair, or some other problem with your system.

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