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Blog Title: What is better HRV or ERV?
What is better HRV or ERV?
Category: Solar Heat And Cool Systems Post By: Edward Wilson (Brenton, WV), 08/07/2016

Both Heat recovery ventilation and Energy Recovery Ventilation are types balanced ventilation. The heat recovery ventilation can recover heat from hotter airstream and transfer it colder one. As a result in winter months when fresh cold air comes from outside into the house, the system transfers heat into it by recovering it from the stale air that is going outside, As result fresh warm air gets inside . The process can reverse in summer to make the indoors cooler. The ERV on the other hands has the same feature but it has an additional one as well. It can also transfer moisture beside heat. Therefore regions where air becomes bone-dry in winter, an ERV can be useful to make the fresh cool air hot and moist as well. It can also make the air moisture-free in summers.

- David Lee (Clinton, UT), 08/15/2016
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